“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy – I’m saying it’s going to be worth it.”


Players are expected to come to the first day of tryouts in a reasonable level of soccer fitness. If you are playing all summer, the fitness test will not be difficult. There will be a fitness test on the first day.

DO NOT WAIT to start working on your fitness. We will not be committing any time during preseason training camp to getting our players into shape. Proper fitness is key to both injury prevention and the on field success of our team.

Please always bring sneakers, cleats, shin guards, and lots of water.

“Game time is not going to get you fit if you’re not fit enough to get in the game!”

Ultimately, players are responsible for their own fitness training. Players that do not come into the season in shape may:

  • Lose the opportunity to make Varsity because they are not able to perform for the coaches.
  • Lose their starting spots on certain teams.
  • Lose valuable playing time.
  • Not make a team.

Please be advised that participation in preseason conditioning does not guarantee players a spot on either roster.