Eating healthy:

  • Preferably drink water! Gatorade and juices are ok.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, pasta, cereal and bread.
  • Eat chicken, turkey, and fish. Protein is a must for recovery and muscle building.
  • Stay away from fried foods and creamy sauces.
  • Eat healthy snacks (fruit, granola bars, pretzels, crackers, graham crackers, Greek yogurt, pudding, bagels with peanut butter, animal crackers)
  • Do not skip meals, eat regularly throughout the day. ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST. Eat at least 3 meals daily and snacks as needed between meals. You should not feel hungry.
  • Eat balanced meals, trying to include at least one food from at 3 different food groups at each meal.

LOSING WEIGHT: Maintaining an ideal weight is very important for all athletes. It helps set a healthy eating pattern for the rest of your life. Athletic activity consumes calories and breaks down muscles, so if you are underweight you will need to increase your caloric intake to assist with recovery and gaining muscle weight. Eating regular meals and adding frequent – but smart – between meal snacks are good ways to gain weight.

If you feel you are overweight you may want to gradually lose weight by cutting out your intake of snack foods like candy, potato chips, soda, etc. Consider a multi-vitamin with iron supplement every day. Calcium is very important and skim milk or yogurt is a good source for it. If you want more advice regarding your nutritional status, please talk to your family doctor well before the start of the season. Please don’t wait till August to address this.