Playing soccer is always the best way to get “soccer fit.”

We are offering Open Training twice a week all summer. It is strongly recommended that you participate our weekly voluntary workouts. If you cannot make these sessions, you will need to do the work on your own. Remember to always warm up properly before to prevent injury:

  • Come to the organized offseason workouts, including weight training and any extra sessions.
  • DO NOT just run long distance, soccer is more than just a simple mile run. If you are not sure what to do, use the ideas included in this packet.
  • Try to avoid running on hard surfaces. Use the soccer fields, the track or go to a park!
  • Get into a routine and stick with it! Log your progress with the Activity Log.
  • Get together as a group. Set a specific date & time, and do not miss it! Don’t lie to yourself; your body (and the beep drill) will tell me if you have been working over the summer or not!
  • Eat well-balanced foods and stay away from high-fat foods. In hot weather, eat bananas and oranges to replace the potassium you lose when you sweat.
  • Sleep at least seven to nine hours a night. Rest is key to recovery!
  • Get used to playing in the heat by training in it. Wear light-colored clothes and drink plenty of fluids before and after workouts. Avoid caffeine & carbonated drinks.

Strength Training:

Maintain a basic schedule of 2x per week for strength/weight training. Try to lift opposite days of playing soccer. The high school weight room hours will be open for you all summer. Trainer Fleming is an invaluable resource, take advantage! He can provide you with a workout plan.

Mon-Thurs from 8-10a

If you plan to do weight training at home or at your own gym, make sure to incorporate core building exercises, ankle-strengthening exercises, and remember to balance your muscle groups.

Fitness Training Guidelines:

To be soccer fit a player must work on these key areas:


Typical Week (example)

As you improve, gradually increase the number of minutes in speed and interval activity until you can do 20 –30 minutes of each easily. Remember a game is 90 minutes long and the last 10 minutes is where we need to be strong.