In addition to the Player Handbook distribute by SGAHS Boys Soccer, the following are points of emphasis for all players and their families. This list of responsibilities and expectations should be followed by all members of the SGAHS Boys Soccer Program:

  1. Maintain academic standards – Avoid missing matches and training sessions due to academics. Understandably, tutoring sessions are needed and acceptable. However, last minute plans are unacceptable, plan in advance. Avoid Detentions – meet all classroom expectations.
  2. A player’s behavior must be exemplary in the classroom, on and off the field.
  3. Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use are strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate dismissal.
  4. Be at all scheduled training sessions, matches, and team functions on time. Be dressed, boots on, shin guards in, and ready to play!
  5. If you cannot attend a training session or match, see the coach as soon as you are aware of the conflict. Last minute arrangements are unacceptable unless it is an emergency. If it is completely impossible to contact the coach, then contact your captain(s).
  6. Any questions, comments, criticisms, etc. should be directed immediately to the coaching staff or the captain(s). Don’t put your unhappiness or discontent on a teammate(s), as it affects morale. Bring your thoughts to the coaches and do it in an appropriate time and manner.
  7. Wear shin guards, soccer shoes, and appropriate attire to all training sessions and matches. Also bring a pair of flats or slides in case of blisters, or in case of change of venue or surface. Shin guards need to be in accordance to the NFHS and PIAA rules. No jewelry is to be worn at any time.
  8. Players will not argue, use profanity (verbal or non-verbal), or provoke opponents, teammates, coaches, spectators, or officials. Such conduct is inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Remember you represent the school, our program, and yourself. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS!!!
  9. Players who are ejected/withdrawn from a match (i.e., red card, or two yellow cards) for dissent will be suspended for two matches. One match to satisfy league obligations, and one match for the team being at a disadvantage.
  10. Nutrition: Players should maintain a healthy diet of carbohydrates and protein, with some ‘good fat’ to have a proper balanced diet. Caffeine and high levels of sugar should be avoided, particularly prior to training and matches. Replenish fluid loss through water and sports drinks.
  11. School Attendance: All players are expected to be in school on time and follow all school guidelines. School Days following an evening match, players are expected to be in school on time.
  12. Hazing: Is strictly forbidden in any form. Please notify the coaching staff immediately of any inappropriate behaviors that suggest hazing.
  13. Taunting: Is recognized by the federation as a violation. “Acts that degrade others, including players, coaches, and officials are increasing in the game of high school soccer. The NFHS Rules Committee is taking a stronger stance to minimize this behavior in the game. Officials must penalize acts of taunting as defined in the rules book when they occur. A player disqualified for taunting will not be replaced.” This includes excessive celebration.
  14. Be a part of the team, get involved, and enjoy the experience!